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THE 3RD ANNUAL.....                Windsor Essex...BOOK EXPO

This is video # 4 of 5 and my crazy antics while loading my backpack.  JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW            If you like it, start at #1 (down below) and have fun.

  I'v also written a book of true life Adventures; Hardships; Crazy Antics; Humor; Anxiety.  You will love the read                    


 The book yearns, to figure out how I acquired this obsession.  It must have started at birth.  Nothing triggered it.  It just happened.  It's affected everything and most everyone in my life.  We journey through the years longing, hoping and expecting the answers.  We find a myriad of them.  The stories are true and deal with adventure, happiness, hardships and humor...even a touch of sadness.  You will laugh with us through the crazy antics.  You'll feel the anxiety of looking down and seeing nothing but space for hundreds of feet. 

These backpacking tales will beg you to spring off of the couch and embrace the open fresh air... the breathtaking scenery... the culmination of friends, siblings, sons and daughters.  Also; the hardships,  the down-pouring in buckets of rain... the soreness from the cutting straps of the gargantuan backpacks, filled with only the essentials to survive.

The catastrophes and the calamities that we endure bring us together.  I don't pull through.  You don't pull through.  WE pull through!  Besides when everything is nice and peachy and graceful and soft and good... it makes for a boring story.  The worse... the better.  Just sit back and enjoy a most pleasant book.

The Backpackers




This is Video 1 of 5 of the crazy antics when I was loading my backpack and trying it out.

I’ll show you how to load a backpack for a trek on the trail and we’ll have a blast doing it.  Just sit back and have some fun.  Don’t forget to subscribe...and pass it on to your friends.  JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW


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This is video #2 of 5.  Not too crazy...I think. 

.  If you liked my first video please keep watching.  It just gets better.  Even if you hated it keep watching it might grow on you.  Don’t forget to subscribe.  Forward to your friends.  JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW






 This one is #3 of 5.  It's getting nuttier as we go. 

I’ve never said that I was sane.  Try out vid  #3 and find out for sure.  Pass it on to your friends and please subscribe...subscribe...subscribe...                                    JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW





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Well you've seen a lot of the fun but my favorite is video #5 where I show you how to put it on. 

Finally my pack is loaded.  You could drop it off of a cliff (I probably shouldn’t say that) and it would still be intact.  Check out my last of this series.  It’s my favourite of them all.  Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.   JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW 

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 JEFF AND HIS FAMOUS FLAP JACKS.  Great before a big day of walking hiking and scrambling.

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