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Jims' Biography

Born in 1949, Windsor Ontario.  Raised in the West End by hardworking, loving parents.  Jim Bondy has always had this incessant desire or need to walk, and fulfilled it throughout his life.  His turbulent party life changed for the better when he married Pam at age 24.  From that point on they raised two wonderful children.  Jim worked hard in construction then went on to work in factories.  Through the years he wrote.  These are a few of the stories.


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Piano:  There is no sound sweeter in all of the universe than the tinkling ivories of a Grand Piano. 

When I want to relax I put on my favorite Chopin Recital played by a local, (Ontario Canada), prodigy named Daniel Wnukowski.  I worked with his father, George in the factories in Windsor.  Daniel traveled all over the world to perfect his passion and learned  from great masters.  Later George left his job to accompany Daniel.  I wish them both luck for the future.     


The Beatles:  This one is easy.  Their best, the "White Album"...followed by "Abbey Road".  Next fav was the "Rubber Soul" album.

I've got them all!


I have a varied interest in all genres of music.  I love cranking all types.  It just depends on my mood at the time.  I listen to most composers of classical music, (usually louder than you might think).  Reggae was best done by Bob Marley.  Ted Nugent rocks; Aerosmith; Zeppelin rolls and Stevie Ray Vaughan Kicks out the blues like no one can.

Can't top Garth Brooks for country. 

Some of the old boys are Phil Collins, James Taylor, McCarney and Eric Clapton.  Rod Stewart with the CD "Human" cannot be compared.  Mariah Carey wails with the best.  When you want to relax, Kenny G. will lull you.  With Enigma you'll meditate.

Did I mention the Stones? 





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They will love it forever 





Avatar:  I love the fantasy / reality mix


Star Wars:  All six of them: Phantom Menace; Attack of the Clones; Revenge of the Sith; A New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi.  

Difficult to pick one.  Love them all.


Pirates of the Caribbean:  Johnny Depp does the woozy pirate all too well.  Each sequel was better than the last. 


A Knights Tale:  Medieval stuff is what drives me crazy.  Who doesn't love jousting competitions.


Gladiator:  Awesome flick 


Across the Universe:   These artists are the first people that have redone the greatest Beatle tunes succesfully.  almost every time that Kim comes to visit we watch this video.

X-Men:  Whooa....extra powers

Reign of Fire:  Dragons just turn my crank.  They're hot!  


Backpacking:  I long to venture out to the trails, far into the back country.  Wish that I could go right now.  I'd be in my boots hiking up the trail.  Hiking, climbing...long as it isn't too high!  Eh?

Writing:  I've always had a passion to put my words on paper to survive the legend forever.

Project Creations Love working on the computer creating projects for friends.  Flyers business cards, handouts or websites are fun to create.

Camping:   Hiding out at our camper, hiking and just wasting time for a change.  Working on my laptop for the next project.


I wish that I could say that I have a myriad of favorite books that I have read, but I can not.

With work and life being so demanding I seldom have time to actually sit down, set aside time on a normal basis and read a book. 

  Sad to say that my reading is limited to short stories, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, health and safety procedures and policies to satisfy my calling at work.


Recently I've read the entire Twilight series.  I can't believe how much I enjoyed this time.  Finally I've broken the block. 

My New Years Resolution though is to find a new book and read it through.  I will set aside time every second day.  My workout will be on alternating days.

This will not be easy with all of my other chores and duties such as:

Promoting my book:  Takes so much time to do it diligently.  I'm going at this full force.

Upkeep on the house:  There is a honey-do list that could break your arm.

Pay attention to Pam:  One of my favorite jobs.

Pay attention to Buddy: Gotta go play with my pooch for a bit.  She looks so forward to me going for a run with her.

Check and answer my emails:  Want to stay in the loop.

Juggle the bills:  I'm sure that some of you know what I mean.

Watch TV:   This accounts for less than an hour a day.  Closer to 1/2 hour.   

Sleep:   5 hours per day

Work:  9 hours per day

Eat:  1 hour per day

If I could eliminate Work (9 hours), I'd not only read, but I could concentrate on my writing full time.  I hope to make this happen someday, but...you know....we have to Eat; have a place to sleep; have a TV to watch; pay the bills; pay for the internet to get my email; feed Buddy; give Pam money; fix the house and Buy a book.

           DO I DETECT             




Oh Well.

So my reads are as follows:

Backpacker Magazine:  I try to read cover to cover.  Gives me great tips for my passion: Hiking.

Explore Magazine:  Comes a few weeks after Backpacker comes in and provides great reading material between copies

Windsor & Toronto Star:  I pick up the weekend editions and browse the articles throughout the week.  I don't subscribe daily due to my lack of time and desire. 

Time Life Books:  Read through these when I can.


This is what I call a full pack.  Everything that I need to Tramp on the Best Hikes 



T-Bone Steak:  Very Rare.  One inch thick and swimming in blood!

Fish:   Pretty much any kind provided it is well cooked...and it tastes like fish


Chinese Food:  North American style only please.  Fried Rice; Chicken Soo Guy; Sweet & Sour; Egg rolls; Chop suey...nothing too exotic.

Ribs:  Broiled with lots of Bar-B-Q sauce.

Veggies:  Corn; broccoli; asparagus; cauliflower and that's about it.

Potatoes:  Roasted then baked ( as only Pam can) are my favs, then 'dirty mashed' pan fried the next day.  Yummmmm