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Book about our adventures on the trail




Hi Jim,
Thanks for dropping a copy of your book off at the Windsor Public Library. We are certainly interested in adding a copy to the Central Library's collection.  First, though, I have a couple of questions. 
1) Is the copy that you dropped off a donation?  Local authors oftentimes donate a a copy with the hope that the library will purchase additional ones.  If it is a donation what I'll do is add it to our reference Local History collection and then purchase an additional copy for our circulating collection. I fit isn't meant as a donation how would you like to pick it up?  I'm also going to check with the librarian who orders books for the other branches in the system to see if he is interested in ordering additional copies for his libraries.  I'll send him your package so he can look it over.  I should point out that due to smaller collections budgets our ability to purchase multiple copies of individual titles has been somewhat curtailed.
2) Fiction or non-fiction?  The newspaper article uses the term "novel" which usually connotes fiction but I read through a bit of the book and it seems like it might be more of a memoir (non-fiction).  We just need to know so we can catalogue it correctly!
3) What is the best way for us to go about ordering copies?  We are still awaiting final word on our 2010 budget so no orders will be able to go through at the moment but hopefully things get settled soon and we can start ordering again!
Thanks so much.  I love forward to hearing back from you.
Christine Rideout-Arkell
Public Service Librarian


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Friday on the Trail by Jim Bondy was a fascinating read!  I loved the pictures, giving you a wonderful visual of the story being told.


Follow Jim and his family on a hiking adventure.  Through forests, cliffs, rain and snow this adventure will make you feel like you are actually there.  With added humor to keep the story alive, this is a joyful tale. What do you use when it rains and your equipment fails?  Duct tape of course!  What if you don't have anything to eat off of?  How about a flat rock?


You will learn things you didn't know if you're not into the hiking world, how the title came to be, as well as love the story.  Very insightful.  I also loved the water purifier.  Who knew?


Jim did a great job with this title.  It was like being in a room with him while he told of his experiences.  Like "Campfire Tales".  I enjoyed this read and loved the pictures of the trails.  Gives great perspective to difficult terrain.  I give Friday on the trail ****1/2 Stars.  ~BK Walker, Reviewer for BK Walker Books, Author of "Near Suicide" and "Dares And Dreams". 




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After being forever on the trails hiking, this makes for a great payoff.  Many thanks to BK Walker Books