Jim Bondy Author of Friday on the Trail

Book about our adventures on the trail


was born in Windsor Ontario in 1955.  She grew up in the west end, one of seven siblings.  Pam fell in love with Jim and was engaged to be married on their sixth date.  The proud mother of Kim and Jeff worked hard as a 'stay at home mom'.  After over thrity five years of a blissful loving marriage they are known to still be on their honeymoon.  She is and always has been the strongest support for her family, and has always been full of encouragement, life and happiness. 


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was born in Windsor in 1977 and lived her teen years in Belle River and Essex.  She finished high school and went on to college to accomplish her degree in Accounting.

She met her partner Lou and is raising a wonderful son with him.  Together they are a hard working couple and are quite successful in all of their endeavors.

Throughout her adulthood she enjoyed closely bonding with her mom and backpacking with her dad.  They measured every ounce to keep the weight down in their huge packs.  Kim and her dad are very close, right to this day and long for the next backpacking trip...soon to be made. 


was born in Windsor Ontario in 1978.  He followed close behind Kim in school and went to college to better his understanding of the computer injustry.  During his younger years he was very close to his mom.  This lasts strongly, still to this day.  He has fathered 3 terrific boys and ultimately entered the realm of construction as an important leader in the field.  With his beautiful wife Jane and the Lord at their side, you will find the children are the epicenter of their existance.

Jeff and his dad have a special closeness and can talk about anything.  The backpacking adventures that they went on were filled with excitement and true father / son bonding. May these trips together never cease.  


was a free spirit, born in Barry's Bay Ontario.  He led an exciting, fun filled life, full of vigor and spontaniety.  Charlie knew the bush like the back of his hand.  Jim and Charlie met in the 70's working in construction, building houses.  Jim went on to work in the factories and Charlie off to the salt mine.  Charlie  brought a beautiful daughter and handsom son,  into the world who have grown to be wonderful contributors to society.

Through their time Jim, Charlie and Gerry (Tabernack) trekked through the bush on their yearly fishing trips.  The crazy antics were unparalleled.  The close friendships were unsurpassed.  Charlie was a great ally that would give you the shirt off of his back (and that is no exaggeration).  He will never be forgotten by anyone that has made his acquaintance, least of all me.  May he rest in peace.